Icon jersey

100 percent acrylic

12 Gauge needle knit, light weight jersey. available in sleeveless and long sleeve. ideal for corporate uniform. Garment features include V-shape collar and lycra reinforced ribbed cuff and hem.


Size Colour & Composition Price Quantity
XS - LAR Black R174.88
XS - LAR Charcoal Heather R174.88
XS - LAR Navy R174.88
XL - 2XL Black R192.37
XL - 2XL Charcoal Heather R192.37
XL - 2XL Navy R192.37
XS - LAR Black R206.68
XS - LAR Charcoal Heather R206.68
XS - LAR Navy R206.68
3XL - 5XL Black R213.04
3XL - 5XL Charcoal Heather R213.04
3XL - 5XL Navy R213.04
XL - 2XL Black R227.35
XL - 2XL Charcoal Heather R227.35
XL - 2XL Navy R227.35
3XL - 5XL Black R251.20
3XL - 5XL Charcoal Heather R251.20
3XL - 5XL Navy R251.20