Icon jersey

Lightweight jersey
Stretch fabric
Classic jersey ideal for corporate uniform
V-shaped neckline
Lycra-reinforced ribbed cuffs and hem
Available in long sleeve and sleeveless pullover option

100% Acrylic, 12 Gauge needle knit


Size Colour & Composition Price Quantity
XS - LAR Black R152.89
XS - LAR Charcoal Heather R152.89
XS - LAR Navy R152.89
XL - 2XL Black R168.18
XL - 2XL Charcoal Heather R168.18
XL - 2XL Navy R168.18
XS - LAR Black R180.69
XS - LAR Charcoal Heather R180.69
XS - LAR Navy R180.69
3XL - 5XL Black R186.25
3XL - 5XL Charcoal Heather R186.25
3XL - 5XL Navy R186.25
XL - 2XL Black R198.76
XL - 2XL Charcoal Heather R198.76
XL - 2XL Navy R198.76
3XL - 5XL Black R219.61
3XL - 5XL Charcoal Heather R219.61
3XL - 5XL Navy R219.61