Laurence gents jersey

complete your look with this contemporary and fresh v-neck knitted long sleeve pullover.
regular fit, lightweight acrylic with ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem.

Branding options


Size Colour & Composition Price Quantity
XS Stone R127.20
S Stone R127.20
M Stone R127.20
L Stone R127.20
XL Stone R139.92
2XL Stone R139.92
3XL Stone R153.91
4XL Stone R153.91
5XL Stone R153.91
XS Black R286.18
S Black R286.18
M Black R286.18
L Black R286.18
XS Navy R286.18
S Navy R286.18
M Navy R286.18
L Navy R286.18
XS Lime R286.18
S Lime R286.18
M Lime R286.18
L Lime R286.18
XS Blue R286.18
S Blue R286.18
M Blue R286.18
L Blue R286.18
XS Orange R286.18
S Orange R286.18
M Orange R286.18
L Orange R286.18
XL Black R314.80
2XL Black R314.80
XL Navy R314.80
2XL Navy R314.80
XL Lime R314.80
2XL Lime R314.80
XL Blue R314.80
2XL Blue R314.80
XL Orange R314.80
2XL Orange R314.80
4XL Orange R346.29
5XL Orange R346.29
3XL Black R346.29
4XL Black R346.29
5XL Black R346.29
3XL Navy R346.29
4XL Navy R346.29
5XL Navy R346.29
3XL Lime R346.29
4XL Lime R346.29
5XL Lime R346.29
3XL Blue R346.29
4XL Blue R346.29
5XL Blue R346.29
3XL Orange R346.29