Trendsetter unisex sweater

190Gsm combed cotton
Branding options
screen printing, embroidery

Features include: knitted collar and cuffs, contrasting plaquet and piping detail, reugular fit.


Size Colour & Composition Price Quantity
XS Navy/Sky R76.45
S Navy/Sky R76.45
M Navy/Sky R76.45
L Navy/Sky R76.45
XL Navy/Sky R76.45
2XL Navy/Sky R76.45
3XL Navy/Sky R76.45
4XL Navy/Sky R76.45
5XL Navy/Sky R76.45
XS White/Navy R76.45
S White/Navy R76.45
M White/Navy R76.45
L White/Navy R76.45
XL White/Navy R76.45
2XL White/Navy R76.45
3XL White/Navy R76.45
4XL White/Navy R76.45
5XL White/Navy R76.45
XS Navy/White R76.45
S Navy/White R76.45
M Navy/White R76.45
L Navy/White R76.45
XL Navy/White R76.45
2XL Navy/White R76.45
3XL Navy/White R76.45
4XL Navy/White R76.45
5XL Navy/White R76.45
XS Red/Black R76.45
S Red/Black R76.45
M Red/Black R76.45
L Red/Black R76.45
XL Red/Black R76.45
2XL Red/Black R76.45
3XL Red/Black R76.45
4XL Red/Black R76.45
5XL Red/Black R76.45
XS Black/Red R76.45
S Black/Red R76.45
M Black/Red R76.45
L Black/Red R76.45
XL Black/Red R76.45
2XL Black/Red R76.45
3XL Black/Red R76.45
4XL Black/Red R76.45
5XL Black/Red R76.45
XS Sky/Navy R76.45
S Sky/Navy R76.45
M Sky/Navy R76.45
L Sky/Navy R76.45
XL Sky/Navy R76.45
2XL Sky/Navy R76.45
3XL Sky/Navy R76.45
4XL Sky/Navy R76.45
5XL Sky/Navy R76.45