Reflective Strip Lanyard With Glow In The Dark Print


Reflective strip lanyard with glow in the dark print

Branding options
screen printing


Size Colour & Composition Price Quantity
1000x25 Black R0.00
1000x25 Royal Blue R0.00
1000x25 Dark Green R0.00
1000x25 Green R0.00
1000x25 Navy Blue R0.00
1000x25 Orange R0.00
1000x25 Purple R0.00
1000x25 Solid White R0.00
1000x25 Yellow R0.00
1000x25 Royal Blue R12.88
1000x25 Black R12.88
1000x25 Dark Green R12.88
1000x25 Greenx R12.88
1000x25 Navy Blue R12.88
1000x25 Orange R12.88
1000x25 Purplex R12.88
1000x25 Solid White R12.88
1000x25 Yellow R12.88
1000x25 Royal Blue R13.52
1000x25 Black R13.52
1000x25 Dark Green R13.52
1000x25 Greeny R13.52
1000x25 Neon Yellow R13.52
1000x25 Orange R13.52
1000x25 Purpley R13.52
1000x25 Solid White R13.52
1000x25 Yellow R13.52

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