Kiosk 1000


Kiosk 1000

informal outdoor store.


the kiosk is a lightweight and durable outdoor structure.
made from a unique formulation, which is a noncementatious, non-metallic, resin-bonded compound.
the kiosk is impervious to moisture, non-corrosive, does not oxidise and is highly resistant to uv radiation.
can be made in solid colour, therefore eliminating the need for paint and the resultant maintenance problem this creates.
far lighter than aluminium, steel and fibre cement products.
custom branding and graphics available.
this unit is easily assembled (approx. half an hour).
flat-packs for optimal space management when shipping.

up to 15x the flexural strength of vibrated cement concrete.
high resistance to acids, alkalis and other corrosive substances.
resistant to biological attack.
far lighter than aluminium, steel and fibre cement products.
0% water absorption.
high acoustic and flexibility absorption properties.
superior thermal properties and stability.
outstanding weathering and uv resistance.
rated highly abrasion resistant.

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