Pack ladies jacket

Coated nylon lined in airtex
Lead time
2 weeks
Branding options
screen printing, embroidery

Features include: water and wind resistance properties, concealed hood, high vis detail, back pouch, light weight and regular fit.


Size Colour & Composition Quantity
XS Navy
S Navy
M Navy
L Navy
XS Sky
S Sky
M Sky
L Sky
XS Black
S Black
M Black
L Black
XS Red
S Red
M Red
L Red
XS White
S White
M White
L White
XL Navy
2XL Navy
XL Sky
2XL Sky
XL Black
2XL Black
XL Red
2XL Red
XL White
2XL White
3XL Navy
4XL Navy
5XL Navy
3XL Sky
4XL Sky
5XL Sky
3XL Black
4XL Black
5XL Black
3XL Red
4XL Red
5XL Red
3XL White
4XL White
5XL White