Articles – Branding Techniques

Having products branded with the widest range of branding techniques has never been easier.

The Advertising Gift Industry is not just about selling products, it’s about providing a service. The more knowledge the more professional the service!

Pad Printing, Screen-printing, Laser engraving, Doming, Embossing, Transfer digital, Transfer screen, Embroidery.


The logo or image is stitched into the textile article, creating professional looking caps, bags and more.

Transfer Screen

A heat transfer process based on screen printing, great when printing colourful designs and fine details.

Transfer Digital

High resolution, full colour printing of the logo or image, transferred onto the article on adhesive plastic.


The design is pressed into the article using a metal plate, resulting in a subtle visual effect.


A domed sticker is applied giving extra dimension, scratch resistance and colour retention to the image.

Laser Engraving

This method burns the design accurately into an article made of wood, metal and glass.

Screen Printing

A print process that yields great results, and is primarily used on cloth and nylon products.

Pad Printing

A popular printing technique that can be used to print nearly every surface, shape or size.