PDC/G/I5Y-KJ27K – Foodball Shaped Hand Clapper

Foodball Shaped Hand Clapper

Foodball Shaped Hand Clapper

With features like great for sports themed parties and events, client applaud once ahold of this item, personalized football clapper, handed out at pep rallies to boost, raise money for road trips, drown out the competition at sales seminar, company parties outings and sporting events and uses such as making noise, the Foodball Shaped Hand Clapper sends a message. It�s a message that lets your prospects know that you and your company are committed to quality products or services.

Product Features : Great For Sports Themed Parties And Events, Client Applaud Once Ahold Of This Item, Personalized Football Clapper, Handed Out At Pep Rallies To Boost, Raise Money For Road Trips, Drown Out The Competition At Sales Seminar, Company Parties Outings And Sporting Events

Novelties - Kids Accessories
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4 weeks
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